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Memory assessments

Memory concerns affect many people and more so with age. Some changes in memory are normal or could be caused by other conditions (for example, depression or thyroid problems). It is important to find out what is causing the problem and how serious this is. Memory assessment requires a thorough assessment of background, including medical and psychiatric history, and current presentation. For this reason, the appointment is longer than a standard initial assessment.

Initial assessment with a cognitive test

During this appointment, you will be asked to complete a memory test, in addition to a discussion about your history and presentation. It would be helpful to have someone with you who can describe your difficulties as they observe it.

Sometimes, additional investigations are required, for example a brain scan or blood tests. At the end of this assessment, you will be provided with a diagnosis and recommended treatment plan. If you require any medication, this could be initiated by a private prescription or your GP will be advised about the recommended treatment.

What to bring to your appointment

Please make sure that you have your hearing aid and/or reading glasses with you if you need them!

Don’t forget the list of all your medication and any other supplements that you might be taking.